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Longview Chaplain Counsels Cancer Patients

       A Longview chaplain is a living example of hope and inspiration to those he ministers to in hospitals, himself a survivor of several bouts with cancer.  

    In the joy of the holiday season there is a forgotten element of our population, those suffering illness and injury in hospitals. Chaplain Dave Henderson of Longview helps patients at Good Shepherd Hospital deal with traumatic illness and injury, and he does it from personal experience.

     "I've been through esophageal cancer colon cancer and lung cancer and had surgery on all of them" says Henderson.

     In the past 6 years Henderson has been hospitalized 25 times, suffering from 3 different cancers and even open heart surgery, yet for the past 6 years he continues to recover and offer others hope.

     "I think Dave is able to bring to our patients something special that we as health care providers can't bring to our patients, he's been there he's survived it, they can relate better to him" says Oncology RN Christy Robinson.

    "They know where I'm coming from and I know where they're coming from I know what it feels like to have that chemotherapy running through your veins it's not funny" Dave says.

      He gives patients support with a humorous brand of courage.

     "They put stuff in my veins that would kill Johnson grass but it cured my cancer and I love them for it" Dave says.

    His message, faith in god, don't quit, don't give up.

    "There's hope for everybody I don't care who says what there's hope for everybody" he says.

     He doesn't know how much time he has but he'll spend it offering hope to those who need it. 

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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