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Christmas Made Possible For Child Injured In Hit-And-Run

Roxanne Harris is combing the aisles of WalMart in Tyler, shopping for gifts for her grandson, Kolten, who wasn't expecting much this holiday.

"He was kind of disappointed already because they weren't going to have a very good Christmas at all," says Harris.

The idea of Christmas wasn't even an option after Kolten's accident. But little did they know a Christmas miracle would happen.

"We didn't get a chance to get an angel off the angel tree. So I got mine off the internet," says Glen Miller.

Miller read about Kolten's story online. So he got his fellow workers at Trane to fill five stockings with donations, and in a matter of hours raised $975 for Kolten and his family.

"It made me relive five years ago when my boy was shot. Of course we knew who did it. And I felt the hurt they're feeling now. I said we have to do something for this boy," says Miller emotionally.

So for three hours Roxanne filled two carts with goodies. From cowboys gear to games, even Kolten's mom will have some goodies under the tree... along with his 13-year-old brother.

"This is going to really wow him because they're not even going to expect this!," says Harris looking at the filled shopping carts.

And while Kolten's family witnesses the love of giving, they hope another message goes to the driver behind the hit-and-run.

"Put your hand on your heart and if it's beating, turn yourself in do the right thing. Make this family feel whole. It's not going to heal it and take back what's been done, but just reach deep inside you and come forth," pleads Miller to the hit-and-run driver.

With this senseless accident, Christmas day will now be filled with happy memories they'll remember for a long time.

When it was all said and done Harris spent $786.39.

As far as the hit-and-run is concerned, Kolten's family tells us that it's still being investigated.

But there is little information for investigators to go on.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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