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12/21/06-Cherokee County

East Texas Constable Finds 35 Acre Dumpsite

An East Texas constable finds an illegal dumpsite he says people have been using for years.   Household trash, appliances, shingles, authorities say this dumpsite has just about everything.  This latest Trashing East Texas dump, which covers about 35 acres, sits off FM 747 in Cherokee County, near a small private road called Nays Auto Drive.

"I'm going to estimate anywhere from 25 to 30 acres of nothing, but trash, wrecked cars, tires, and asphalt shingles," said Cherokee County Constable Eddie Lee, precinct 3. Constable Eddie Lee is no stranger to illegal dumping. Constable Lee says he arrests about ten people every month for dumping, but he has never seen anything like this.

"It took my breath away," said Lee. "It is just so big and to think of what we've got I mean all this beautiful land out here has turned to all this junk." Lee says the dumping began in 2003 when he says the owner of the land Tommy Nays allowed people to dump shingles for a fee.

"It costs 150 to 200 dollars to dump a load of shingles," said Lee. "He was charging them 25 dollars." Constable Lee says his predecessor warned Nays to clean things up when the problem first surfaced. He says Nays put up a no dumping sign, but the illegal dumping continued and Nays was never charged.   KLTV tried to contact Tommy Nays at home, but he was not there. As we were leaving his house, Nays' mother and sister were driving up.

"What he's planning to do is get a blow dozer from my brother, and he's going to dig a hole and cover it up," said Kay Bell, Tommy Nays' sister. Nays' family also says Tommy no longer lets people dump on the land, but some of the trash, Constable Lee says was dumped just in the last month.

"The man that has dumped it, I finally called him, and he told me that he had been dumping out here," said Lee. Constable Lee says before any cleaning is done he has to make sure it's done safely. He says he will be calling the TCEQ to find out how to properly clean up the dumpsite. He also says he hopes to have an arrest warrant for Tommy Nays in the next couple of weeks and charge him with commercial dumping.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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