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Injured Goodyear Employee Talks To KLTV

A follow up tonight about the accident at Goodyear that happened yesterday. Goodyear Corporate says there were actually two accidents at the plant. One man's finger was hurt and another man's arm was cut, but not amputated like other media outlets have reported.

Today, KLTV spoke with the worker with the hurt arm, Steve Sandoval. He says his arm got stuck in one of the machines, when he was trying to clear a jam. 

"When it did get unstuck, it came back, and it came back and smashed my whole arm. It smashed my arm underneath this other bar also. I just stayed there for about ten minutes. Well, I shut the machine off with my foot, and after that, my trainee went to go get some help," says Steve.

He is a temporary worker but says, even though he's only been working at Goodyear for two months, he was certified on the machine.

Union workers, like Raymond Johnson say Steve is an example of an inexperienced replacement worker. They say that inexperience may have played a role in the accident.

"You need people in there that know what they're doing, and replacement people, they're not getting trained the right way. So, it didn't surprise me a bit when I heard that last night on the news," says Johnson.

Steve says he has ten stitches and staples to help close up the huge gash in his arm, but he is thankful no bones were broken.  

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