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Disposing Of Large Animals The Proper Way

Since the recent discovery of another Trashing East Texas site called the bone yard.  The question has been how to dispose of large animals the proper way. As we first told you about on Monday the property has more than an acre of bones and decaying animals.  

Thursday, KLTV spoke with an East Texas veterinarian about how to go about disposing of large animals.

"Recently it has been hard to find someone locally that have been willing to do it. We have had people come from 40 and 30 miles to bury horses for us," says Veterinarian Bryan Ramsey.

Dr. Ramsey treats both small and large animals at Gresham Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Ramsey says it's not easy to dispose of large animals like horses.

"The only practical way to dispose of horses are burial.   That usually means knowing someone with a backhoe and digging a deep hole, preferably 5 - 6 feet, and bury the horse. Other methods like burning are just not esthetic or practical so at this point burying is the only option available," says Dr. Ramsey.

Dr. Ramsey say he has never met or called on John Ruffin, the man who dumped the horses. However, he says Ruffin was providing a service.

"It's my opinion that he is treated unfairly.  That's not to say the I agree with the way they have been disposing of horses this number of years.   Aesthetically that's just not a good situation to have that many horses laying around decomposing. It should have done better with a burial or in a landfill or in an area where they could have been covered," says Dr. Ramsey.

Dr. Ramsey says burying a horse on your land can cost anywhere from $300 -  $500. However, he says the biggest issue is finding someone willing to provide the equipment and service.

Taking an animal to a landfill costs around $35.  However, that does not include transporting the animal to the site.  

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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