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Support Our Troops: A Message From A Soldier

For many of us it's the most wonderful time of the year.  As we surround ourselves with the spirit of the Holidays and the love of our families and friends, we need to make a point to remember the thousands of men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, who will not be home for Christmas.

A Letter From An East Texas Soldier:

I wanted to pass on this little Christmas poem I composed on behalf of all the deployed troops from East Texas. I am originally from Arp, Texas and have been in Afghanistan for the past 18 months. My love and warmest Holiday wishes go out to the Hester and Martin Families in Arp and Tyler. 
Dylan C. Martin

Christmas Past

Once upon a time, when the night was cold and snow was on the ground,
I lay awake beneath my sheets and listened quietly for the sound. 
The sound of sleigh bells ringing, of Santa on my roof,
The scratching, pawing and landing of just one reindeer hoof.
Quiet as can be, I laid there all night long, thinking of the gifts he d bring,
The toys, the treats, the songs, never did I waver, or close an eye for sleep,
Ever watchful, waiting I never made a peep. But no Santa did I hear, no sleigh bell in the night,
Not one reindeer hoof upon the roof, not a single elf in sight. So as the sun was rising, I could wait not a single minute more, I flung the blanket off of me as both feet hit the floor. I bolted down the stairway, to the Christmas tree I flew and there before my eyes I found every dream come true. There was a bicycle of red and silver, packages galore, my stocking hung from the mantle piece so full it dragged the floor. Tinker Toys and building blocks, GI Joe was right there too. All the things I d dreamt about, and wanted the whole year through. But in the corner of the room I saw what I had prayed for most of all. A suitcase sat next to the door and his hat, hung upon the wall. I ran back up the stairway, into my parents  room I flew, and there I found them sound asleep, and I knew it must be true. My mom and dad together, my father home from war, our family once again made whole. What kid could ask for more? I jumped upon the bed yelling  Mommy, Santa brought Dad home  a!
nd knew this was the best Christmas gift that I would ever know. Many holidays have come and many ones have passed, but that day will always be, my favorite Christmas past.  

-Dylan Martin
Fire Base Salerno,
Salerno, Afghanistan


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