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12/20/06-Smith County

The Cost To Clean Up The Bone Yard

It's a Trashing East Texas story KLTV first brought you Monday.  Local environmental investigators say this is the worst site they have ever seen, an acre of land, now known as the 'Bone Yard.'  We now know the cost to remove the trash. The site is located off County Road 488, that's just off Texas College Road north of Loop 323. Once again, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality officials were at the illegal dumpsite. They were evaluating the site to determine what trash could be sent to the landfill and what soil needs to be tested.  

Smith County District Attorney, Matt Bingham visited the site yesterday. Bingham say environmental investigators asked someone from the DA's office to come and look at the site.

"It's the first time I have been to an illegal dumping site where you have remains of animals, that many animals that have been dumped out there. I have never been to one like that before... It's just awful," says Bingham.

He says if there was a crime committed, then he will proceed with charges.

Investigators say this site is the worst because of the bones covering the land as well as the other trash and the malnourished livestock.  Wednesday, KLTV visits with environmental investigators about the task of cleaning up this site. Smith County Environmental Investigator Danny Brasher and Tommy Goodman met with the manager of Greenwood Farms Landfill and TCEQ to talk about cleaning up this land.

"They wanted to come by and survey the site mainly to see if there were hazardous substances.  We're going to be concerned with taking to the landfill and also to get a ball park price to find out how much is going to be just to clean up the trash and the animal carcasses," says Brasher.

Piles of trash are all over the site. Investigators believe there is more than acre of bones and decaying animals. An acre is 91 yards that's almost enough to fill a football field.  So getting this site cleaned up is going to take a lot of time and money.

"I would estimate a year from start to finish.  Hauling the trash off won't take a couple of months at the most. They estimating that the price is going to be anywhere from $20,000- $50,000 just to haul off the trash," says Brasher.

The person responsible for getting the land cleaned up is Richard Campbell and his wife. They inherited this land 2 years ago.

The TCEQ told Brasher some of their biggest concerns are where paint and other chemicals were left and where the pigs are living.  

"It's right next to a water way they feel like the water way may not be contaminated because there is enough foliage in the water to have stopped it," says Brasher.

Brasher say that water way runs right into Black Fork Creek.

Brasher says he is going to call out animal control because some of the animals looks malnourished.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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