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Police Impersonator In Henderson

       Rusk county authorities are on the lookout for a police impersonator, after an unmarked car  pulls over a motorist. It happened on a rural road in Rusk county, just north of Henderson this past week. The 21 year old pregnant woman , told Rusk county authorities she cracked open her car window when the impersonator approached. He said he was pulling her over, due to a rash of burglaries in the area.

     The woman says the impersonator never showed a badge, or I-d, something real officers are required to do. She wasn't hurt, but the young victim thought something was up, so she contacted police.

      "When an officer approaches you ask for an I-d card we all carry I-d cards, it's not going to hurt his feelings it wouldn't mine, show the badge read it if you want to" said Rusk County Sheriff Glen Deason.  

      The impersonator is described as a white male with a dark beard, around 5 feet 11 inches tall, average weight, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, he was driving an unmarked white Ford.   Rusk county authorities say all of their police officers have red and blue flashing lights, not solely red ones. Also, officers do not pull people over to inform them of crimes in the area. And finally, all officers should display a badge, or some kind of official identification.

 Bob Hallmark /bhakllmark@kltv.com  

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