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A Better East Texas: Remember The Important Stuff

Well, here we are, right in the midst of the holidays. While many of us are still fretting over gifts to give, gifts to return and the mounting bills to pay for all those gifts, I challenge you to take a step back.

While the perfect gift is one to treasure, we should all remember that the most precious gifts are our relationships. Relationships with friends, family and loved ones who support us in our everyday lives.

While many of these relationships rest firmly on solid ground, some are shaky -  or rocky at best. If you find yourself avoiding one of these relational dilemmas, I encourage you to put those differences aside. 

The holiday season is perfect time to make that long overdue phone call or mend those broken fences. Like Ronald Reagan said, "All great change in America begins at the dinner table.

Perpetuate peace at home this holiday season. Spend a little more time with the gifts that are most important to you: your kids, your parents, your friends.

As for those other holiday gifts: Just remember to smile and say thank you - no matter what's inside that package. Happy Holidays for A Better East Texas.

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