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Starved Horses Saved In Titus County

Titus County authorities make a sad discovery:  a number of horses on the verge of starvation at a home in the 1,100 block of County Road 1468, just north of Mt. Pleasant.    

Armed with seizure warrants, Titus County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the home to find five horses terribly dehydrated and hungry, and one that couldn't muster the strength to stand up. "The back legs are swollen where he's been down, been thrashing, got skinned places.  He's in bad shape," said Safe Haven Equine Rescue director Richard Fincher.

Neighbors say the problem has been going on for months and the owners, who were absent during the seizure, had done little to care for them.  "It's been sad.  It almost makes me want to cry to see these animals suffering out there, and no food, no water, no nothing," said  Christin Heard, 16, a neighbor.

Safe Haven gathered the animals, even one walking on very wobbly legs, to care for them. "There's two of them that need to go to the vet right now, no telling what that's going to cost, but we're going to get it for the horses right away," Fincher said.

One horse has lost and eye and has had no medical care. For Christin, it's a relief,  at last someone would care for them.  "It's inhumane to see these horses like this.  I skipped church to go out and sit by the horse and feed it and nurture it try to get it back up on it's feet," said Christin.

The animals will be fed and nursed back to healthy weights.  Deputies have not said whether the owners will face cruelty charges. For information on feed donations or adoption, you can call Safe Haven equine rescue at 903-762-1432. 

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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