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12/16/06-Upshur County

Fire Destroys Glenwood Acres Home

Yet another East Texas family is trying to recover from a house fire that has taken everything from them in this holiday season.   It happened this past Sunday at a home in the Glenwood Acres area of Upshur County. The home is located at the intersection of Elmwood and Parkwood Trail.  

Sunday morning, William and Eva Dodson along with their son awoke to billowing smoke inside their home.  "My son didn't even have clothes on we wrapped him up in a blanket," said William.

They got out with the clothes on their backs but lost everything else.  "We lost everything we had all our memories that can't be replaced," William said.

Brent, 8, took it particularly hard.  "It hit him harder next morning when he realized what happened and asked where his Christmas was," said Eva.

But their neighbors, many who they didn't even know, came to the rescue with food clothes and comfort.  "We're trying to help these people all we can. I'm just an old country boy and I look to help people when I can.  I think it's my duty to do it as a citizen," said neighbor A.C. Floyd.

"The people around here have been so generous saying you can come stay with us.  When they found out what happened immediately came to our aid with whatever they had at the time," William said.

In a time of sorrow, the Dodsons have found a reason for joy in this holiday season.  "I am joyful .  I got out with my husband and my child.  That's the most important thing in life," Eva said.

If you'd like to help the Dodson family , you can make donations by calling the Glenwood Acres Homeowners Association at 903-734-5741.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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