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Thousands Of Cowboys Fans Will Not Be Able To Watch Tomorrow's Game

Tomorrow's game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons will be broadcast on the NFL Network. The problem is, only satellite providers, Dish and Direct TV carry the channel in most parts of East Texas.  For months, local cable companies have been negotiating with the NFL Network to avoid this problem.

"They're telling me the only way you can get access to the NFL right now is through a satellite provider, which I don't have," said Mike Biggs.  Biggs is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. He says when he found out his cable company, Northland Cable, would not carry the game, he called them up. "They just said they don't have access to it because the NFL network sold their right to the satellite system and not the cable provider," said Biggs.

Tomorrow's game is part of an eight-game package of regular season action on the NFL Network.  Many national cable providers still do not offer the station. That includes Sudden Link, one of the largest providers in East Texas.

Sudden Link says they have been negotiating with the NFL Network for the past six months. "Right now NFL Network is asking for $100 million for the privilege of showing a little more than a half dozen games in the football season," said Sudden Link director of community & government relations Skip Ogle.

Ogle says that $100 million would end up be passed on to each subscriber.  It would cost each household an additional $100 per year.  On top of the cost, the NFL Network wants to be placed on Sudden Link's basic-tier lineup, as part of the deal.

Instead, Sudden Link has proposed a sports tier lineup that would include the NFL Network, so that only the customers who want the NFL network pay for it.

For now, Ogle says, the company is doing all it can to get the NFL Network up on its lineup. "We've stepped up our phone calls to the NFL Network team for the past several days to try to come up with some kind of temporary situation where we could show the important football games," said Ogle.

But Mike says he's not holding his breath and is making other plans to watch the game tomorrow night. "Go see some friends Saturday night that do have satellite, make a party out of it. I'm gonna have to see if Joe Terrell has a satellite, so Joe I'll come see you man," said Biggs.

Many local bars and restaurants will not carry the game either. So if that was your plan tomorrow night, call in advance to make sure they have the game.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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