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Man Now Behind Bars For Burglary

A man is now behind bars for the burglary of an East Texas pharmacy. You may remember, we told Thursday night, it had been burglarized twice in just a month and the man police say confessed to one of them was walking free, but not any more.

Friday morning, a warrant was issued for his arrest.   KLTV was there Friday afternoon as police arrested Michael Gentry charged with burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

Police say he confessed to burglarizing Todd's Pen-Ray Pharmacy back in October. But after a mix up at the Rusk State Hospital, he was released. Police weren't able to arrest him until Friday because of a delay at the DA's Office.

Detective Craig Sweeney with the Henderson Police Department, says "if he has been involved in other burglaries or break-ins, then this means we won't have to worry anymore about him specifically."

Richard Todd, owner of Todd's Pen-Ray Pharmacy, says, "every night I was concerned was I going to be broken into again and this doesn't mean I won't, but it does mean that the one person that confessed to doing it one time will not be able to do it again."  

Police also searched an apartment Friday afternoon for possible evidence, including pill bottles, linked to the pharmacy's second burglary.  

Police say Michael Gentry will be arraigned Monday morning for the charges.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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