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Horse Rescue Group Seeking Donations

    An Upshur County horse rescue organization, that has saved countless horses from starvation, neglect and abuse over the years, now finds itself in need of saving. Since taking over Safe Haven equine rescue organization in March, Richard Fincher has saved numerous horses from certain death from neglect and abuse, and relocated them to his Upshur County center.

     "We take a lot out of our pocket to help these horses, some of them just neglected as in people just don't feed them" says Fincher.

     He's kept as may as 65 horses at the center, rehabilitating them back to health and caring for their wounds, it's an expensive operation.   They've nursed hundreds of horses back to health already but that comes with a price, there's feed there's hay there's vet bills.

    "We've got horses coming in, a number of them, our funds are getting low the vet bills are getting higher" he says.

     Between feed an medical care, fincher estimates he spends around 300 dollars on each horse per month. He currently houses over 30.

    "We need help. I've got 7 different foster homes to put them out in and we still have to provide the feed and the medical care" Fincher says.

     He also wants to find them good homes, many of the horses are special needs animals, recovering from abuse. One horse even a gunshot wound. Fincher loves horses, but he needs help to keep caring for them. Safe Haven needs donation of feed and hay, but most of all monetary donations.  

    You can donate by calling safe haven equine rescue at 903-762-1432 if Safe Haven is forced to close, the fate of the horses in their care would be determined by the county.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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