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Mean Green Fever Running High On Championship Game Eve

"Two state championships is a big thing, especially in a small town like ours," said seventh grade student Trey Sterns.

What better way to follow up the biggest win in school history than with an encore?

"It's great to go back for a second year," said wide receiver Darnius Moore, "because we also have the chance to go down in history to be the second team to go back and win it back to back."

On the eve of another state championship game, title fever has hit the Mean Green.

"It feels pretty great considering we are the first team in Tatum to win a state championship," said quarterback Cashas Pollard,  "and now to be on the verge of winning two, it feels pretty good."

Heading into the Class 2A Division I State Championship game, Eagle players have become like superstars, signing autographs for the next generation of eagles.

When asked what he was going to do with his autographed sign, Trey Sterns replied, "I'm going to hang it up on my wall of fame."

Just one more game and won more win to go before claiming state. The Eagles have a common goal.

"This is our last shot," Darnius said. "It's going to be our last game so we've got to go out with a big bang."
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