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12/15/06-Gregg County

Forensic Facial Reconstruction Completed On Unidentified Body

In a further effort to identify the body of a homicide victim located near Kilgore on October 29, 2006 the Gregg County Sheriff's Office had requested the assistance of a forensic artist assigned to the Texas Rangers Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin.  The deceased had been severely burned and this procedure is being utilized to attempt to gain positive identity.

Forensic artist Suzanne Birdwell has completed a facial reconstruction from the remains of the unidentified victim and has provided this agency with photographs of the forensic art sculpture that depicts the possible appearance of the deceased. 

The three-dimensional sculpture is based on the information submitted from medical reports, crime scene findings, skeletal topography, age, sex and ethnicity.   Sheriff's investigators and the medical examiners from the Southwest Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas has remained in contact with Suzanne throughout the reconstruction procedure to provide her with every known detail that would assist her development of a reasonable likeness of the deceased.  "We greatly appreciate the efforts afforded to us by the Texas Rangers service and their forensic artist, said Sheriff Maxey Cerliano".

The autopsy examination concluded that the victim appeared to be a young adult Caucasian female; possibly in the late teens to mid-twenties, approximately 5' 04" tall.  The deceased was possibly wearing blue jeans and a mauve or purple colored long-sleeve sweater or blouse.  The victim's hair may be blondish-red in color.

Dental records may be utilized for positive identification and requests for comparison are being directed to the medical examiners office.

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