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12/14/06-Smith County

Two Restaurants, Meat Market Miss Inspectors' Mark

La Michoacana at 310 N. Beckham in Tyler was inspected November 16. 

Numerous foods were cooled down improperly. Ham and cheese were not held at or below the required 41°, and many foods were not held at or above the required 135°. 

Employees were seen not washing hands between handling different raw or cooked foods, and there was no soap available at restroom or bakery sinks.

Produce, beans, and popcorn were all infested with weevils or other insects. 

Cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods was noted, including raw meat stored above salsas and vegetables, and raw meat and raw chicken being cut on the same board.

Pesticide improperly stored in bakery, and many food surfaces needed cleaning.

Total Demerits: 56.

On a recheck December 1, numerous hot and cold foods were not at proper temperatures.

An employee was seen handling raw meats and then lunch meats without washing hands.  Many cross-contamination violations were observed.

Improper sanitizing and washing of dishes and utensils was noted.

Total Demerits: 28.  A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Petty's at 309 N. Main in Lindale was inspected November 16.

Potatoes and sausage had not been cooled quickly enough after cooking.

Improper handwashing procedure was noted, and an employee handled foods without applying sanitizer or using gloves.

Raw meats were stored above cooked and ready-to-eat foods.

Total Demerits: 23. 

On a recheck: Dec. 14

Inspector noted handwashing problems, improper handling of ready-to-eat foods.

Another handsink needed.

Total Demerits: 11.  No further recheck ordered.

Jersey Mike's Subs at 4754 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected November 7.

The only violation noted was that the hot water heater was broken.  That was four demerits.

However, since the restaurant was operating without hot water, the inspector ordered Jersey Mike's closed and suspended the permit to serve food.  Following restoration of hot water two days later, the permit to serve food was reinstated.

On the recheck November 9, there were no demerits.

Morgan Palmer, Reporting

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