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Local Pharmacy Burglarized Twice: The Man Believed Involved Is Still Free

An East Texas pharmacy is burglarized not once, but twice in just a month and the frustrating part: the man police say is responsible is still free. First in October, Todd's Pen-Ray Pharmacy in Henderson was broken into. Then right before Thanksgiving, there was another burglary caught on tape. The common thread in these burglaries is one man who police say was involved in both of them.  

Richard Todd has owned Todd's Pen-Ray Pharmacy for almost a decade, but never in a million years did he think he'd be dealing with anything like this.

"The front door was broken into, burglarized the pharmacy, stole some narcotics, pain relievers, tranquilizers," says Todd.

That happened back in October and the man who did it was caught and put in jail, but not for the burglary, for possession of a controlled substance.

"The burglary he was not charged with at that time yet cause he was not wanting to talk. Now after he got in jail and kind of dried up a little bit, we did talk to him and he confessed, he gave a statement that he was involved in the burglary," says Detective Craig Sweeney of the Henderson Police Department.

But, this is where the story takes a dramatic turn. While in jail, the man accused, began making threats of suicide so he was admitted to Rusk State Hospital.

"When he got out of Rusk, we heard that he was coming back, we thought he was going to be put right back in jail, well that didn't happen," Sweeney says.

That didn't happen because burglary charges were not filed against him yet. He was a free man. When Richard Todd got word of that, he began to worry his shop would be burglarized again. Sure enough, a month later, it was. This time, caught on tape. 

"This has happened twice in a short amount of time, and the guy that confessed to doing it the first time is still on the street...I don't know what else I have to do to protect my property," says Todd.

So even though charges are now pending against the man for burglary, and police believe he was involved in both burglaries, he's still walking the streets. 

Todd says, "I'd like to see the guy picked up."

And so would Henderson Police.  They've sent all the necessary files to the District Attorney, but so far, no paperwork and no charges. 

"(Basically the whole thing that this boils down to is signature on paperwork.) That's what I'm waiting for," Detective Sweeney.

While that wait continues, Richard Todd says he isn't taking any more chances, and is now locking up his pill bottles every night.

We spoke with the Rusk County District Attorney's office. They say they are aware of the paperwork. It is in the stack and they will get it to when they can.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.  

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