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Gift Of Love: Brittany, 11 Year Old Basketball Player

She's a talented young girl just waiting for her time to shine.

We went along with 11 year old Brittany for a round of hoops with the TJC Apache Ladies Basketball Team.

In no time, Brittany felt like a member of the team. 

"They were nice and played the game with me, " said Brittany

Jamie Malone with the Apache Ladies told us "It feels good to know that someone would want to involve themselves with the Apache Ladies and it was a great experience with her. I just love her. She's cute."

Brittany has been in foster care the past 6 years, bounced between 8 different homes.

Despite the uncertainly in her young life, she keeps a positive attitude.

Denis Killgore with CPS said of Brittany, "She's smiling all the time. When you see brittany her smile just lights up the room. She in a good mood. She's up for whatever you want to do."

Besides basketball, Brittany likes animals, traveling and shopping.

When she grows up, she wants to be a lawyer. When we asked why, she said "cause I like to talk a lot.  

Brittany has given some thought to her future family as well, saying she would like to have an older brother or sister.

At least for today, the TJC Apaches Ladies made her feel like a part of their family; giving her the boost she needs.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting

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