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12/13/06-Wood County

Final Phone Call Of Wood County Woman

The call came in to the Wood County dispatch around 12:30 Tuesday from a home on a quiet county road.

The caller, 42 year old Tina Martin, told police she needed help immediately, because she had been beaten up. 

Law enforcement officers say Tina's ex-boyfriend, Bernie Cochran, drove from Arizona to find her after several failed attempts to reach her by phone.

When he arrived at her house, they say Cochran found Tina with her current boyfriend. Police say a physical fight broke out between the three of them, and for a while, her current boyfriend was able to hold Cochran down.

Ultimately, they say her boyfriend became exhausted and left the scene. That's when Cochran got up and headed toward his truck.

Call to dispatch:

Tina Martin: He's trying to leave. [to Cochran] You're not leaving after what you did to me.

Dispatch: What kind of vehicle does he have?

Tina Martin:  He's driving a Ford. He's got a gun.

Dispatch: He has a gun?

That was the moment Martin was fatally shot in the back and in the head. She died from those wounds at ETMC early Wednesday.

The sheriff's department released the gunman's name because they are having trouble locating his next of kin.

If anyone knows how to reach the family of Bernie Cochran of Arizona, please contact the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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