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Blind Hunters May Soon Get To Use Lasers For Hunting

A bill aimed at opening the experience of hunting to disabled Texans earlier this week, we told you about a bill in the state house the would allow spotlight and laser hunting for blind hunters. We spoke with one of those hunters, hoping this bill will help him get back to hunting.

"It was my love.  It was what I grew up doing. It's the reason I want to do it again," says Tony Crow.   

50 year old Tony Crow of Winnsboro was a lifelong hunter.  That all changed 4 years ago when he was shot in the face on a hunt with his son. Tony's injuries from that day left him blind.

"First I had to accept not being able to hunt like I use to. Then the next thing is the challenge of being able to change the way you hunt. It's a lot more of a challenge to hunt with a laser or try to shoot a quail in flight by sound instead of sight," says Tony.

Tony is able to target practice with the help of friends and a laser on his rifle.  

"That's my only way to be able to hunt.  They set right beside me and show me when to move it right, left and when I get it on the target they tell me to shot it or pull," says Tony.

But with a new bill to legalize hunting with lasers for legally blind people, he may soon be able to hunt.

Game Warden Chris Green says he anticipates lots of discussion on this bill.  

"Personally I know first hand about special needs, so I am for anything that benefits those that aren't able to do what normal hunters do.  There are going to be tweaking with the bill probably needs to be licensed hunter who is at least 18 years old," says Chris Green.

Tony hopes lawmakers will give him and other blind hunters the ability to enjoy the thrill of hunting.

"Legalize it to where if we wanted to hunt we wouldn't have to do it illegal we could legal and feel good about it like the way other people feel good about it," says Tony.

State Representative Edmund Kuempel, who authored the bill, says 15 states already allow laser lights for hunting and 3 of those states allow the lasers only for the legally blind. The legislature will convene in January.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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