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Stealing Christmas: East Texan's Holiday Decorations Trashed By Vandals

For more than 10 years, an East Texas man has filled his yard with reindeer, snowmen and of course Santa and his elves; however, this year someone decided to tear his Christmas display apart.  

Vandalism is a problem East Texans face around the holidays, but dealing with it never gets easier.   A man lost more than $200.00 worth of decorations. 

Seventy-three year old Arthur McBride's Christmas decorations only lasted a couple of weeks. Last year, he bought what used to be a $65 giant blow up snowman that pops out of a chimney. McBride told KLTV 7, he looks forward to putting up his Christmas decorations every year, but Sunday morning he woke up to a frustrating site, all of his hardwork was destroyed.

"I'm not as young as I used to be and it takes me twice as long as it normally would," said McBride.

For every major holiday, he decorates his yard because of the joy it brings to other people.

"My wife and I enjoy decorating. We put it up for our pleasure, for the people's pleasure that drive by," said McBride. "You'd be surprised at the comments that I get, 'oh your yard is so pretty.' "

 Now his pretty yard is trashed. An eight foot blow up Christmas tree was torn apart.

McBride said, "(The vandals) ripped that (blow up Christmas tree) open right here, and this one over here is a eight foot snowman, and they just opened him up at the bottom."

 His snow globes survived the vandalism, but not without suffering some war wounds.

"There's a cut there, there's a cut here- where they slashed it."

Despite the vandalism McBride said he's going to continue decorating his yard.

"If you bow down to that level, your putting yourself to the same level they are, and I feel I'm just a little bit above that, " said McBride. "Next year, my health may not allow me to do this, and that will be the only reason that I stop."  

In the next couple of days, McBride said he will try to put his yard back together as best as he can and buy some new decorations.   

He also said the best Christmas gift he could get this year, is for those that did the vandalism to turn themselves in.  

How You Can Protect Your Christmas Decorations

-Keep Your Yard Well Lit

-Deflate Your Blow Up Decorations When You Go To Bed

-Mark Your Decorations: If Stolen And Later Found, Items Can Be Returned

Source: Tyler Police Department

Molly Reuter, reporting,

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