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Prices Fall On Hottest High-Tech Gifts

We're now down to just two weeks until Christmas Day, and if you think getting some high-tech gadget is too expensive, they're still not cheap! 

However, some of the most popular this year have come way down in price. 

"It's the holiday season. It's the big gift," says Best Buy's Doug Desmarais, who tells us many people have been looking at high-definition televisions, with prices of some at less than $1,000.

"With cable and with satellite, you can get local channels, and the same from an off-air antenna.  It's more accessible now than it was last year," he says.

In years past, laptop computers were pretty heavy. You had to lug them around and they were pretty heavy on your shoulder.  Now, with many of them, you can pick up easily or even hold with one hand.

"You can watch a full length DVD, full-screen or wide-screen. Most of our laptops now have wide-screen format," Desmarais says.

For years, families had not considered buying a laptop since desktops were less expensive and more powerful.   That has changed.

"You can pretty much take them anywhere now, and connect to the Internet now with wireless internet, or Wi-Fi."

Plus, prices for starting models are now less than $500.  And, yes, you can use it at home.

"A paper map can help you get somewhere, but this will help you where to turn."

 At Best Buy, we're told GPS systems are the gems going out the door fast.   Full global positioning systems for your car.

"A lot of people are driving [this holiday season,] and if there's a car in the way of a [street] sign,  you miss your turn.  These will actually tell you when to turn," Desmarais says.

From about $350 up to $1,000, they navigate you street-by-street by satellite.

"If there's some construction, this will update you on stuff like that." 

So when the kids yell "Are we there yet?", you can "tell them when, and end the conversation, really."

Head to the front page of to see information on high-definition television.  At the bottom of the page, click on HDTV 101.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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