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East Texas 4th Graders Published In National Book

It's hard to believe, but everyone of these kids will soon be a real-life author. 4th grade teacher Marsha Hutson encouraged them to enter an essay contest as a way to share her passion for reading and writing. She couldn't believe it when more than half of her students were selected for publication.

"It's just such a big deal for the kids, because it gives them the confidence they need to go forward in their writing, and really in all academics," says Hutson.

The students' essays could be about anything, anyone or any event that was important to them. Some, like Terriana Mbariket wrote about her favorite food.

Excerpt from essay:

"I feel like I am in an oreo cookie and milk universe," says Mbariket.

Others, like Kati Hodges, wrote about milestones in their young lives.

Excerpt from essay:

"Push. Pull. That's what I kept doing to my loose teeth."

For Caleb McFarland, writing the winning essay was a way to express his faith and talk about his father's battle with cancer.

Excerpt from book:

"The thing I am mostly thankful for is G. Because God came, we can go to heaven. God can save us from demons and the devil.  First, I usually pray every night. I pray that I will make it through and that my dad gets better."

When the kids learned they were going to be published, they were ecstatic.

"I was like, 'really? oh my gosh. This is so exciting," says Terianna.

"I thought it would be fun to just have my essay in a book," says Alex Caldwell, who wrote one of the winning essays.

Marsha hopes that excitement will inspire a life long love of writing.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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