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New Orleans Photo Display In Longview

A photo exhibit now showing in Longview is dedicated to the hardships and loss of the people of New Orleans who were victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Recent images of homes and businesses in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans are on display at the Campbell Gallery.

For Katrina survivor, Jamie Wiggins, they're images that bring painful memories.  "I do feel a deep connection with these images cause this is my home.  I walked on these streets, played on these streets and playgrounds," said Wiggins.

She escaped the chaos of Katrina, came to Longview, pregnant, and with only the clothes of her back and the last $100 she had. She's rebuilding her life, but upset that the images show New Orleans still in shambles.

"I was surprised to see these images.  I thought they were oil paintings.  You look at it and you think it still looks like this to this day," she said.

The display is called "Shadows of Lives and Loss". Dallas photographer Dan Burkholder made three trips to New Orleans to capture the images.  He used high dynamic range imaging, which makes the pictures look almost like sketches.

"I feel for the people that are still struggling.  You know, what's going to be done about it?" said Wiggins.

For Wiggins, Katrina will never really be over.  "This is my heart.  This is where I was born and raised," she said.

The "Shadows of Lives and Loss" is open Tuesdays through Fridays, until December 31st.  The Campbell Gallery is located at 207 North Center Street.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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