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Adopt A Soldier Now Organization Helps Wounded East Texas Soldier

For three years, an organization called Adopt A Soldier Now has been doing just that, finding families to adopt soldiers overseas and have them send care packages to the soldiers. The organization and its mission have grown tremendously, spreading across the country and including the needs of those soldiers coming home wounded. Now a wounded soldier in East Texas is feeling the love of the organization.  

When you first look at Tommy Guin, 38, of Overton, it's hard to tell he's only been paralyzed for eight months.  "I had to re-learn how to move around, how to transfer different things and that's probably been the toughest," said Guin. While helping in the earthquake relief effort in Pakistan last March, Tommy was hit by a helicopter blade, knocking him some 20 feet on his head.

"The brain injury that I had was so severe that they didn't expect me to come out of it at all," said Guin. Through prayer, Tommy says he's alive today, but he now faces new challenges. "Houses that are built nowadays are not really made made for people in wheelchairs, and I'm going to need a lot of modifications and stuff that normal people don't need."

That's where Janet Brady, the founder of Adopt A Soldier Now Organization comes in. Through support from the local community, Brady says they hope to get a new home built for Tommy.

"I like to remember a quote from Kennedy, 'Ask not what your country can do for you, but what each of you can do for our country,' and we just ask for everyone's love and support for Tommy," said Brady, founder of Adopt A Soldier Now. 

"We have all the labor already lined up to build the home," said Adopt A Soldier Now East Texas Director Maria Beers.  "All we need is to raise the money for the materials."

Tommy says he already knows what he wants in his new home.  "We are going to make our kitchen where I have a little work platform I can get to, the counter is not too high, stuff like that, " said Tommy. "Dishes, I don't care. Sink can be in the same place."

To Tommy and his wife, Bobby, the organization is another blessing God has brought in their life.

"It's been good to know that there are people out there that appreciate what Tommy did and what Tommy went through," said Bobby. 

"It's wonderful," said Tommy. "God has sent them my way and he's always putting people in our path."

Tommy says he will retire from the Army on January 4th and move into a temporary home in Overton until the house is done.  

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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