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Mom Upset After Bus Doesn't Take Kids Home

An East Texas mother is upset with the Longview Independent School District because she says Thursday, after school, her children had to wait outside in the cold after their school bus failed to drop them home.

"I don't feel like that was right."

Lisa Johnson says Thursday afternoon she had to pick up her children at Longview High School after the school bus failed to drop them off.  

"I went out the school and my daughter and my son were just standing in the corner, just shivering to death," Lisa says.

Lisa's kids told her the school bus did pick them up, but about halfway home, the bus driver turned around and dropped them back off at school.

"There were cold temperatures out there at that time of night and I couldn't understand why they wanted to have my children go through something like that," she says.

Longview ISD says several students were upset the bus was late and once on the bus they started cursing at the driver.

"Supposedly they were disrespectful to the driver to a point where he turned around and took them back to the school," says Mike Fletcher with Longview ISD.

Fletcher says that's a common procedure if the bus driver feels too distracted to do his job. But Lisa says with the cold temperatures outside, no one should have been left there.  

"He shouldn't have put them off the bus like that, not even the little boy that was cursing he should have got his name and they should have dealt with it in school today," she says.

"Do you think proper procedure was followed in this situation?' 'Too early to tell.'"

Fletcher says he is investigating the matter further. Right now, no action has been taken against the bus driver or the students involved.  

We're not sure what time the school bus dropped the kids back at school, but the district says a second bus arrived at 5:30 to pick up students who had not gotten a ride home yet.  

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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