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Bright, Determined Girl Wants A Forever Family This Christmas

It's a trip children look forward to each year... Meeting Santa.

Delesha studies St. Nick's big white beard and little round nose. This 9 year-old is a joy to all she meets.

When asked the big question, Delesha tells Santa she wants a toy ATM.

"She's really outgoing. Intelligent. She enjoys cheerleading. She loves to read that's her favorite past time is reading", says Donna Wall, Delesha's CPS Caseworker

Wall adds that Delesha is "very well spoken and i think her vocabulary reflects her intelligence."

Dalesha is a creative child and more mature than most children her age. She makes A's and B's in school, enjoys arts and crafts, music, and cookies.

She has an independent spirit and an assertive personality.

Her determination is impressive given the numerous losses in her young life. She was placed in foster care about a year ago and has been shuffled to many homes since.

"I think she just really wants a home. Something permanent not moving around from one place to another", says Wall

What Dalesha really wants this year is something Santa can't wrap, the gift of love.

However, she is hopeful this will be a special Christmas .

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting

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