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Light Show Spectacular At Tyler Resident's Home

The Christmas lights show takes center stage each night in the Hollytree neighborhood in Tyler.

The brainchild of homeowner and attorney Ken Good.

"My wife says I can't do anything half way," Ken says laughing. "I have to go all out on everything. I think it's good as an attorney, your clients like it. But I don't think it's good for your house at Christmas."

It took ken three weekends to put up all the thousands of lights, powered through 300 extension cords and 128 outlets.

"I googled it and I discovered this world of animated lighting, computer controlled Christmas lights, so that's what got us started," Ken explains.

To enjoy the show, Ken set up an FM transmitter in his home. So as passers-by drive up, they tune their radios to Christmas music on 88.9 FM.

Special software allows Ken to program the lights' movements to the beat of the music heard on the radio.

"I've tried to design it like a show. It has a dramatic beginning, a build and then a big splashy, loud, obnoxious end," Ken says with a smile.

People driving up to see the show love. "I think it's a great show! It's amazing someone put this much time and effort, I love the nativity scene in it also," says Nikki Byrd, who lives in the neighborhood and drove her family over to see the show.

"Oh they're great. It just a fun thing to do with your family and it's really neat to see," says Karla Helms who drove in from Flint.

"It's cool how they coordinate it with the music and the lights you know. It's really cool!," says Kayla Hill.

Ken doubled the amount of lights from last year's show and already has a blueprint for next year's production.

Making the Christmas holiday "all good" for everyone stopping by the Good's.

Christmas at the Good's is at 7302 Whiteforest Cove, in the Hollytree subdivision. It's the corner house in a cul-de-sac. 

The shows begin after 5:30 each evening, click here for more information.

At the show, the Goods do ask that you be courteous to neighbors and don't block their driveways.

Also be mindful of traffic flow so everyone stopping by can enjoy the show.

Speaking of neighbors, the ones we talked to said they don't mind at all having this spectacle just doors away. If anything it's gotten them into the Christmas spirit more.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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