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Clydesdales Visit Marshall Festival

      They're easily the most recognized team of horses in the world, the "Budweiser Clydesdales", and they have come to be something of a holiday tradition in Marshall.  

    "Gosh I don't know what word to use because they really are monsters they really are"  said Jefferson visitor G.W. Cooner.  

      Dozens of East Texans stopped in Marshall today to get a look at a team of Clydesdales from San Antonio. Legend has is that the Scottish Clydesdale was bred as a war horse, carrying hundreds of pounds of armor and a knight on it's back, standing front of one, you can easily see the massive power and muscle of the animal.

     "You always see people back up a few steps they kind of look up and go , oh my gosh" said Clydesdale trainer Brady Bardin.

       At the end of Prohibition, the Clydesdales were used to pull beer wagons. The 1-ton beasts have been a symbol of the holidays ever since. Between hay and grain, each horse eats 50 pounds a day.

     "It would put me in the poor house it sure would" said Cooner.

     Traveling 200 days a year, they get pampered treatment, washed and shampooed regularly. Some vacationers, like Barbara Gardner of Torrance California,  even diverted their trip to see the team in Marshall.

      "I think they're magnificent animals, I did not realize they were this large , they're gorgeous" Gardner said.

      You can see the Clydesdales at their stables on Wellington and Fannin Street in Marshall through Sunday from 7 am to 7 PM.  Nightly shows with the team "hitched" will be from 6 PM to 8 PM. The team will also participate in the downtown Marshall Christmas Parade on Saturday starting at 6 p-m.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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