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OnStar Helps Police Find Carjacker

Held at knifepoint, an East Texas woman would not give up her car without fight. We first told you about this carjacking Tuesday night.   A little after 4 o'clock, Mary Smyth was filling up her SUV at the Tyler Brookshires gas station at Bergfeld Center.   That's when she was approached by 52 year old John Clay Stricker, Junior.

Stricker reportedly had a knife, but there were two things he hadn't counted on with this tough grandma.  

"Dispatcher:  Tyler police, How may I help you?

Onstar: Hi, this is Sharonda with OnStar.

Dispatcher:  Hello.

Onstar: I am calling in reference to a carjacking for a Mr. or Dr. William Smyth."

"I realized he was going to carjack me and so I grabbed, he slammed the door and I grabbed the gasoline nozzle out of the filling and I just opened the door and drowned him with the gasoline," says Mary.

That's the first thing Mary Smyth says she could think of to stop her SUV from being stolen.

"I just wanted to do something terrible to him," says Mary.

Moment's after the car-jacking, a witness nearby called Tyler police.

"Witness: The lady just go carjacked up here at Brookshire's parking lot on Beckham.

Dispatcher: Somebody do it at gun point or what?

Witness:  Did it with a knife, robbed the lady."

Since Mary's vehicle had OnStar, dispatchers could easily locate the SUV. Then, they just had to tell police.  

OnStar: I've got that vehicle located at off NW Loop 323 and US Highway 69, it's going to be in the Southwest quadrant of that intersection.

"Dispatcher: Okay.

Onstar:  And the vehicle is sitting stationary off of the road."

Mary says police told her, Stricker had stopped at a Tyler motel to wash off the gasoline. And in less than a hour after the carjacking started, police made their arrest.  

"Dispatacher: Okay ma'am. We have the suspect in custody.

Onstar: Alright, thank you so much.

Dispatacher:  Thank you.

Onstar: Have a good night.

Dispatcher: You too."

Then police called Mary to tell her they had her car.  

"I am so glad that we have OnStar and have used it on highways and with blow outs but never had an emergency this desperate but they tracked him and got the police and they knew exactly where he was at all times," says Mary.

Stricker was charged with aggravated robbery for the carjacking. He was also arrested for an outstanding parole violation and a theft warrant.   His criminal history includes several DWI's, aggravated assault on a police officer and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com


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