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Carlisle Indians Don't Want To Take Off The Helmet

When the Carlisle Indians began football practice four months ago, they had a few simple, yet lofty goals.

"To change Carlisle," recalls sophomore center Clayton Barnett, "and to have a winning season, and show people what we're really made of, and that we're not to be underestimated."

10 years ago, the Indians went an entire season without scoring a single point.  This year, they've won a school record 12 games and are in the state quarterfinals for the first time ever. I don't know about you, but Id say, mission accomplished.

"Everybody enjoys winning," said second year head coach Rocky Baker, "and they've been down for so long and now this is a whole different atmosphere. The community, everybody has just jumped behind them."

It's a program that once couldn't win, now can't stand to lose.

"W used the loss as a motivating tool," said junior running back and linebacker Riley Seider.  "We just don't want to lose again. We try all that we can not to lose."

"(Winning) is hard to let go of," said junior wide receiver and cornerback Ricardo Gallegos, "because you keep on winning and it like hits you that you just keep on winning, and you never want to lose it, and you never want to take off the helmet."

"They're a close group," Baker said, "and that's kind of been what their motto is. When this ends, you know, half of them are going to go to the gym and the other half will go to the weight room and they're really good friends and they want to stay together and this is the one sport in which they all play, so they don't want to separate."

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