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East Texans Not Minding Extra Cost Christmas Lights Have On Electric Bill

From icicle lights to a sleigh full of presents Randy Pierson looks forward to creating this elaborate display in front of his home.

"Everywhere we go we put them up. We just add to it ever year," says Randy.

At our request, Randy tried TXU's holiday calculator.  And by the looks of his display it's going to take a team effort!

When it was all said and done, we counted 31 100-bulb strings, six strings of icicle lights, 11 25-bulb strings and two spotlights.

With the lights on six hours a day, his extra cost this month: $53.68.

Randy's reaction, "Never looked at it. This is the first time."

Prudy Hyland already has her home ready, expecting a house full of guests.

"Six children, 21 grandchildren and another one on the way in a few weeks," says Prudy.

Outside the house and inside including three elaborate christmas trees, we counted 72 100-bulb strings, 11 icicle lights, 10 25-bulb strings and zero spotlights.

At just over a $1.80 a day, Prudy will be spending an extra $54.43 this month.

She replies, "For all the fun we have and enjoyment, that's worth it."

You don't have to be a TXU customer to use the calculator. The numbers are based on the average 14 cents per kwh rate.

TXU says having the calculator at your fingertips puts the consumer in control.

"They can decide to do it less hours. Or use more lights or use less," says Sophia Stoller with TXU Energy Media Relations.

Using less is not an option for Prudy and Randy, who's not putting a price tag on having Christmas spirit.

"[My] wife likes them, kids like them, neighbors like them. I don't mind paying that for it," says Randy.

In these two cases, their total seems to be on the higher end. TXU says with the tests they've done, the average extra cost was $10-24 a month.

Click here if you want to crunch your own numbers on the holiday calculator.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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