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Family Watches Holiday Greeting Of Loved Ones

Christmas is just around the corner, and many families will be spending the holiday together. But for families with loved ones in the military overseas, it may only be a phone call or a televised greeting. KLTV 7 sat down with one East Texas family and showed them a holiday message from relatives stationed all the way in Turkey.  

Ruth Wood hasn't seen her niece and her family in more than a year. So when we showed her their holiday greeting, it was nothing but smiles.  

"You miss them, you know, you get to talk to them sometimes by phone, sometimes not, but it would be nice if you could be together, but this is neat to be able to see them," Ruth says.

Ruth's niece, Christy Gump, and her family have been living in Turkey the past several months. Before that, they were in Germany for two years. That's because Christy's husband, James, is a F-16 pilot in the Airforce.

"When you hear something on the news, you immediately think about them and pray that they're safe and you always know in your mind that they are in danger and it's something that could happen."

Ruth says they're used to spending the holidays with Christy, James and their two children, but unfortunately they won't be coming home this Christmas.  

"As always, it would be nicer if they were right here where you could them a hug and be with them physically but we just try to let them know, we always try to call on the holidays and let them know that we're thinking about them," she says.

And Ruth says it's nice to know they are thinking about her, too.  

"It is just really neat to see they made that extra effort to say hi and then you know that they are thinking of everyone and they're wishing they could be with you too so that is real neat."

It's a small message that goes a long way this holiday season. Ruth says Christy and James are expecting their third child in May and she is hoping to fly up there to be with her on that special day.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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