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Goodyear Gets Temporary Restraining Order Against United Steelworkers Union

As tensions rise on the picket line, so do the rumors that the United Steelworkers are not protesting peacefully. After an incident occurred on the line, Goodyear issued a temporary restraining order against the union ordering them to stay back.  

The United Steelworkers have been on strike now for almost two months. It's much longer than they expected, and long enough union members say for tensions to flare.  "Of course it's not pleasant at all for everybody," said United Steelworker John Mason. "Either side and you know this has carried on way too long."

Too long for some steelworkers as a handful of them have now crossed the picket line.  "You've got people that were once working side by side by you that are now crossing that line, and it's pretty much like they are slapping you in the face," said United Steelworker Michael Powell. 

On November 22nd, a Goodyear worker hit a picketer with his car, but no charges were filed. Several other rumors have now spread through the community.

"We've had scab cars come through and hit our members, or they claim that we did things to them," said Union President Jim Wansley.  "Very little, if nothing has anything happened that people can prove and nothing has."

Goodyear says it's trying to protect its workers, which is why it asked for a restraining order. The order requires picketers to stand five feet from the plant's driveway when three or more cars leave.

"We don't like it, and we don't think it's right," said Wansley. "We believe that the law upholds that we can walk a picket route and if that holds up a car for a brief period of time then we have the right to do that. "

"It's silly, and it won't amount to anything," said Mason. "I think a lot of it have been blown out of proportion."

Until the hearing, the union says it will obey the restraining order and protest peacefully, just like members say they have been. Wansley says the hearing will take place Friday.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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