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Cold Blast On The Way: Tips To Winterize

"Anything that's exposed to the elements, you're going to want to make sure is covered up," says Home Depot's Justin Green.

We should see significant sub-freezing temperatures over the next few days, and that means it could be a mess for those who don't take precautions.  At Home Depot in Tyler, pipe insulation and faucet covers are off some of the shelves, and they say it won't be long before they're gone.

"These are things we try to order up early, but we can never get enough of them. And it's like that at every retailer in town," Green says. 

He adds those who live in older homes, or those not on a concrete foundation are at extra risk.

"If it gets to the low 20s and if you have pier-and-beam [construction] and you have pipes under your house, they're going to freeze if their not protected."

Simple foam insulation can help.

How about under the hood?

"You want to make sure and check the antifreeze level. The proper mixture is about 50/50," says Classic Toyota's Jason Kuchera.

He adds hoses and belts can also become brittle in the cold and should be checked.

Then there's the battery.

"Tonight and tomorrow, people will definitely have cars that will not start, point blank. If you have a temperature drop like that, if your battery is three to four years old, you need to have it checked."

He also says the cold weather will cause tires to become suddenly underinflated.

"On a 40 degree drop, you'll roughly lose ten pounds. It's about four pounds per ten degrees," he says.

The fourty degree drop will end any chance of a green lawn until spring.  But, there is one thing Enviro-Care's Jay Schulz says can make sure it is back next year.

"The only thing you can do tonight really, is to go ahead and water, and we have had some rainfall recently so the ground is moist, but it doesn't hurt to go ahead and put water down and that will protect the root system of the plant."

All to make sure the green comes back, and isn't just a memory.

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