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One After Another, Trucks Get Stuck In Lake Tyler

A crazy scene along the now dry shores of Lake Tyler.  As you've probably noticed, the water level has dropped... and apparently some folks thought they could do a little off-roading..

Not such a good idea.

It all started Sunday when a driver decided to go "mudding" in a pickup, and got stuck.  Soon after, it was freed by another truck, which itself got bogged down.

Then a black dually came to the rescue, and quickly sank in the mud!

Now with two trucks hopelessly stuck, a brand-new backhoe arrived to save the day!  It even still had the plastic on the seats.  By the end of the operation, it was stuck in mud up to the cab.

The city says off-roading at the lake is illegal, and those who got stuck could be liable for damage to other vehicles, and the cost to get everyone out.

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