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Preliminary Numbers Suggest Good Holiday Shopping Season

The stores are closed, and the preliminary numbers are in.  It looks like this is going to be a very merry shopping season for retailers nationwide.  KLTV 7 News spoke with shoppers who braved the busiest time of the year.

Day three of the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and there was still a steady stream of customers at area stores.  "We're looking for a digital camera for my daughter," said Target customer Kim Hill.

At Best Buy, Stephanie Wofford had a number for things on her list.  "Ipod's, computer screens, plasma T.V.'s," said Wofford.

According to Shopper Track R.C.T. Corporation, a company which compiles information on retail sales for some of the nation's biggest stores, this year's holiday shopping season is off to a better start than 2005.

Sales for the Friday after Thanksgiving rose 6% over last year's numbers with customers spending nearly nine billion dollars. While that's not traditionally an accurate indicator for the entire holiday season, the company says it should give retailers a reason to be optimistic.

For some, shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving is something they look forward to all year long.  "It's kind of tradition for us to go out the day after Thanksgiving and hit the sales and get out early. It's fun. We like it," said Hill.

For others, like Charles Lovelady, it's the promise of a great deal.  "We got a T.V., and we got a camera. I'd say we saved right at about $100 on the T.V., and we saved $50 on the camera," said Lovelady.

With the post Thanksgiving weekend rush behind them, many companies are sharply focused on "Cyber Monday."  That's the day when people return to work and continue shopping on the world wide web.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting. 

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