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Plumbers Busy After Thanksgiving

      Today was not only a busy shopping day, it was a very busy day for "plumbers". The day after thanksgiving is also traditionally when more drains are clogged from holiday meals.   It's call after call for Longview plumber Kenny Smith, but its something he's used to on the day after thanksgiving.

      "We're very busy, we get call after call stopped up drain, one drain or another, stay plenty busy" Smith says.

     He's seen anything and everything clog drains.

    "I've pulled animals out of drains , hair, I have pulled some squirrels out of some drains before" he says.

      Grease from cooked turkey's and ham's gets poured down drains. It solidifies, and the drain becomes like a clogged artery. A plumbing probe has to be used to cut through the clog, and you have to have a strong stomach to see what comes out.

      "It's mostly grease blockage and things like that, it doesn't take much" says Smith.

     Smith expects to take 8 to 10 calls a day after thanksgiving. He says he could tell clients not to pour grease down the drain, but then again that's what pays the bills.

     "That's our bread and butter, we tell people to use the sink but be prepared to call us" he says. It's a sort of job security, there'll be more "day after thanksgivings" to come, and he'll be there to clear the lines.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. 

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