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Early Morning Shoppers

It's the day after Thanksgiving which means the biggest shopping day of the year is finally here. Some East Texas stood outside for hours waiting to be the first ones in the door.  The line at the Target in Tyler was all the way to Broadway. Those at the front of the line got there before 2 o'clock this morning.  Big discounts were the driving factor to get these East Texan shoppers out of bed.   Today, we followed as one family took part in their first early morning shopping experience.  

"My niece told me last night that they were going to get up a 5 o'clock this morning and go shopping," says Debra Ross.

So Debra, her two daughters and her niece decided to go shopping at Target.

"I was dragged.  My mom and sister dragged me here," says Ashley Jordan.

"We woke up on the way here. I drove and the kids were back there asleep," says Debra.

Debra is still in her pajama pants and house shoes but that's not stopping her from shopping.  

"We came to look and get the grand kids some toys, that's why we left them at home so we could shop for them.  But I've noticed I've ended up buying a TV, so I guess I'm shopping for my girls also," says Debra.

Debra and her daughter's then make a stop to look at purses, then the clothes and of course, you can't forget the Christmas tree.   So what does Debra think of her first early morning shopping experience?  

"I love it , I love this. I guess because I'm never done it before," says Debra.

"Just to be out here in the middle of it. It's kind fun seeing everybody here with carts full," says Tyesha Stafford.

"It's not an everyday thing and it gets you in the spirit and everybody is together and happy," says Ashley.

And with an overflowing cart, it's time to check out.  

"We are going to be here all day!" says Ashley.

The day after Thanksgiving is also known as 'Black Friday' because it's when retailers move out of the red, representing losses, and into the black, indicating profits. However, today is no longer the busiest shopping day of the season-- that's now the last Saturday before Christmas.  

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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