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Son Looks For Father After Devastating Fire

It was a fire that completely leveled an East Texas home, early this morning.   Investigators say it happened around 3am, in the 200 block of East Fleming Street in Longview.   One man reportedly lived there, but investigators were unsure if he was at home during the blaze, leaving the man's family to fear for his life.     

Ashes and charred bricks are all that remain of Dennis Fisher, Junior's childhood home. But the most devastating new was the fact that investigators could not tell Dennis if his father made it out alive. That's because they couldn't find him. 

"I am a little afraid that he might be in the house...I'm hoping that he's not in there," says Dennis Fisher, Junior.

"He doesn't have a vehicle or cell phone and we don't know if he was home at the time of the fire or where he was or where he is at this time, we're still looking for him," says Investigator Brian Howell for the Longview Fire Department.

Dennis searched all over Longview Thursday morning trying to find his dad, but turned up nothing.

"For the most part he would have called somebody, I mean if not me, it would have been maybe my aunts or sisters, somebody would have known or heard something," Dennis Junior says.

Dennis told us his father, Dennis Senior, was known to frequent the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission. By coincidence we were headed there and sure enough, that's where we found him.   Dennis Senior knew about the fire says he had a lit candle that sparked the blaze.   

"The fireman told me that they had to level the house they were looking for my body," Dennis Senior says. "I didn't know that people were looking for me, I live alone."

Dennis Fisher Senior says he didn't think to call his worried son because they actually hadn't spoken in years.   

"I know I might not have been the best parent in the world, but I love my children, I do, love them more than I love myself," he says.

So, naturally, we called Dennis Junior to let him know the good news. Less than an hour later-- the reunion.   

"I was thinking that he wasn't going to be around anymore so I'm just glad he was alright," says Dennis Junior.

It's a happy ending, a new beginning and a true reason for Thanksgiving. The two men say they are going to take it day by day, and try to work out their differences.

Dennis Senior says, even though he lost his home, he's glad he's now able to reconnect with his son after all these years. He's now receiving help from the Red Cross for his loss.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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