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Goodyear Family Says There's Still Plenty To Be Thankful For

In the seven weeks since Brian Yordy found out he didn't have a job, there have been a lot of changes and sacrifices for his family.

"The little luxuries, you know? The activities for the kids, stuff like that you really can't afford to do," says Brian.

One of the biggest changes has been his wife, Nikki, returning to a full time job as a nurse.

"My kids are still little; 7th and 3rd grade. So, it's been difficult. It's been a transition, but it just is what it is. He worked like that for many years and missed a lot of things.  So, now he has the opportunity to do that, and I know they're with him, so it's okay," says Brian.

They say in spite of all the changes, there are many things to be happy about this holiday.

"It's really been a blessing to find out that there are that many people around who are willing to go the extra mile for you and your family," says Nikki.

"It's made me rely on the good Lord more.  Money isn't everything, you know? It's made me realize that the holidays are really more about being together," says Brian.

Around the dinner table, this tight knit family gives thanks for all of those blessings, and says a prayer for the future. Brian finally has a lead on a job which is something he's been hoping for for weeks. He says if this one doesn't come through, he'll have to look for work outside of East Texas.

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