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Parent Of Accused Attacker In John Tyler Fight Telling Their Side

"[The victim, Lee York] pushed first, he struck first. But because he got beat up it's an issue," cries C. C. Foster.

Foster says her son, whose identity we're concealing because he's a juvenile, is a victim too.   

Foster says no one is taking into account her son was coming to the rescue of a girl who was allegedly being attacked by Lee York.

"If he had not been choking and dragging her, this whole altercation would not have happened," says Foster.

TISD's investigation found that York was harassing a female student prior to the fight, but Foster claims York pushed her son first which she says spawned a reaction to fight back.   

"[My son] just defended himself. He didn't kick him or anything. They both were being combative," says Foster.

KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson asks Foster, "Does [your son] have any injuries on him? Because he looks fine to me."

Foster replies,"I'm not at liberty to say. [York] swung at my son and hit."

Foster says her son's aggravated assault charge is too harsh a punishment, compared to York's three-day suspension.

She, too, wishes someone else would have come to the rescue of this female student sooner.   

"I asked her and her mom, why she didn't call a teacher or somebody else, why did she call my son? She said there was no one else around, she didn't notice somebody else."

For now, Foster's son is going through the juvenile court system, his future at John Tyler out of their hands.

"I don't know yet [if he can go back to school]. We have to wait to go back to court and see," says Foster.

Foster says she was told by school officials and witnesses, that York was known to be a bully at the school.

To support that claim, we asked TISD if York and Foster's son had a history of being in trouble at school.

The school district couldn't release that information, saying it's confidential.

Christine Nelson reporting.                    

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