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Deputy Helps Needy Kilgore Residents

      A Gregg county couple in desperate need, gets help from an unexpected source, a Gregg county deputy sheriff. Earlier this month, Alsom and Kathy Dykes of Kilgore were at the end of their rope. The couple had no money, their electricity and utilities were turned off and they had no food.

     "I'm on oxygen, I have to have it to breathe, and no electricity means no oxygen" said Alsom.

     "I don't really know what we were going to do" says Kathy.

     The Dykes are both disabled, but when things looked their worst, a Gregg county sheriff's deputy came to their rescue.

     "Officer Eddie Hope showed up and that's when things started" Alsom says.

     "It was hard to see them in that condition they were in and they needed help and they turned to help and couldn't get any answers" Sergeant Hope says.

     The neighborhood is his regular beat, but Hope took it upon himself to call charity groups to help, he bought food, he pitched in to have the electricity turned back on, and even bought gas for a temporary generator to power the home. He gave his time when he didn't have to.

     "After what he's done for us it's kind of hard to find the right words for that part" says Alsom.  

     "He's just a great person he tries to help a lot of people , there's not many people around like that anymore" says Kathy.

    He owes no debt to the Dykes or the neighborhood, he just helped because he could. Bob Hallmark/  

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