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Dozens Await Loved Ones At Local Airport

A busier than usual day at Longview's East Texas Regional Airport. Planes were full of travelers and families anxiously waiting for holiday reunions. Flights were on time, one was actually 20 minutes early. People we spoke with said they were not so much worried about possible delays, but more so about their luggage getting lost or stolen, especially after an alarming statistic shows one in five luggage bags are lost at airports. 

"With all the technology and everything, it seems to me like they would do a better job of tracking, they're not getting it where it's supposed to go," says Gary Grogan, picking up his son.

"I don't want my luggage to get lost. I'd be pretty upset if it did, you know that kind of puts a sour note on your holiday weekend," says Kamron Phillips, who's headed to California.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:  

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