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Popular Website Allows Real-Time Flight Tracking

It is a bit like sitting in air traffic control, watching planes around the nation's airports, but what really matters is when is your loved one going to arrive.

A free site has become very popular over the past year called Flight Aware.  When you arrive, you'll see a nation-wide map of the thousands of planes in the air, but at the bottom left, you can enter the airline and flight number.  

And you can then see in an instant where the plane is -- it's altitude -- and if it's going to be delayed.  In fact, the plane's position in the sky is updated every six minutes.   You can watch when your son or daughter is going to arrive at the airport.

Throughout this busy day, we've been watching around the country, and we've been finding flights flying in our part of the country that have been running well behind schedule.    As the flight information is updated, so it is on Flight Aware.

Even when it's not so busy, and you're curious like we are, you can enter any airport on the front page, and see which planes are in the sky above where you live.


Morgan Palmer, morganpalmer@kltv.com
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