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11/22/06-Smith County

East Texas Neighborhood Wants Home Burglaries To Stop

More than 10 homes burglarized in a month, and an East Texas neighborhood wants them to stop.   The robberies all happened in the Westridge Community, just off Highway 31 West in Smith County. In some cases, the homes were broken into more than once.  

"What they did was got the stone out of the front yard and came back here and basically threw it through this back window," said resident Latorian Tucker. Latorian Tucker and her family are the most recent burglary victims in this neighborhood. She says here, break-ins happen on an almost daily basis.

"The glass was all knocked out," said Tucker. "Glass was everywhere." Tucker says the burglars went to her children's room and stole a playstation and some games. Then they went to her room.

"Fumbled under the mattress, went all in the closet and cut this entertainment center up, and I don't understand why," said Tucker. Down the street, Shatawn Domena's house has been broken into twice.

"They took my pan out opened two cans of chili, cooked chili and sat at my dining room table in the back and smoked weed at the table," said resident Shatawn Domena. Both Tucker and Domena say they believe the burglars are children in the neighborhood and worry next time the children will get hurt.

"You have people killing these kids, and it's like they are going to go into the wrong house and I've talked to the mother, I'm like what do you want them dead," said Domena. 

"That's not what we want," said Tucker. "We want this to end. We want something done about it." Residents say the neighborhood has now come together and started a crime watch program, hoping they can prevent any more break-ins.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says it's aware of the home burglaries in that neighborhood, but no arrests have been made at this time.  

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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