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Teen Saves Man From Train

An East Texas teen saves an elderly man from being hit by a train. It happened last month in Grapeland, that's about 20 miles south of Palestine. The Palestine teenager was visiting his grandmother, while going to a Peanut Festival.  The middle school student explains his heroic act.

"Me and a couple of my friends were walking across the train tracks and knew this man was behind me. I look back and he was crossing the train tracks and he was going real slow," says Terrance Simon, saved man from train.

The train just 40 yards away.  14 year old Terrance Simon noticed it quickly approaching.

"It didn't look like he was going to make it. I kinda walked the man across the train tracks real fast so he wouldn't get hit," says Terrance.

Terrance did not know the elderly man, but says the man may have been hearing impaired.

"Soon as I helped the man across the train tracks, the train had passed," says Terrance.

Those who saw and heard about Terrance's quick actions are calling him a hero. Once Terrance's assistant principal, Bake Barron found out about this. Barron wanted Terrance to be recognized, so the Palestine School District gave him a plaque.

"It was presented before the school board in appreciation of the selfless act and putting others before personal safety.  I was impressed that he thought to disregard his personal safety to try to help someone else that we would never see again," says Barron.

Terrance's mother could not believe her son's actions.

"I am very proud of Terrance. You are always wondering if your kids are actually listening and trying to raise them right and do the right thing. Then this happens and okay some of the things I have taught him have stuck," says Lakeisha Taylor, Terrance's mother.

Terrance says he did not think about putting his own life in danger. He was just wanted to the right thing.   After all of this, Terrance said the man walked off. Terrance believes the man did not how close he had come from being hit by the train.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com


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