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Hottest Toys And Games

Techno Source's Sudoku Mega Touch Screen: Kids love Sudoku and this fast playing, large screen version lights up for play on the go, anytime. Retails for around $19.95.

Imaginiff: A game for the entire family that encourages imagination, role playing and FUN!! Suggested retail: $20.

Cosmic Catch: An out-of-this-world game of catch that takes Nerf to a new level. This talking ball know your throws--and kids need to keep up with its commands. Suggested retail: $24.99.

Elmo Giggle and Shake Chair: Sit on Elmo, hear him giggle and feel him shake! Suggested retail: $34.99.

American Idol All Star Challenge DVD Game: Based on the popular television series, this interactive DVD game is for kids and adults who love to sing and dance. Play take you through every level of competition, from auditions all the way to the finals. Suggested retail: $39.99.

My NFL Monopoly: The first Monopoly game where YOU control the playing field. Enjoy the Monopoly fantasy of customizing the game board and playing pieces all based on your favorite NFL teams! Suggested retail: $39.99.

Speed Stacks: Sport cup stacking is a fast growing competitive sport, and Speed Stacks are the official equipment for this fast-action game of speed and skill. Suggested retail: $39.99.

T.J. Bearytales: A new animated plush bear that participates in story telling, music and play-along activities, and even asks questions and plays guessing games! Suggested retail: $49.00.

Marvel heroes Ani-Movie: Watch out Steven Spielberg! Now kids can direct, produce and screen their own action movies with Marvel Heroes Ani-Movie. The Ani-Movie lets young filmmakers create and edit action-packed movies and view them on their own television. Suggested retail: $59.99.

ESPN Fast Action: A game that requires kids to get off the couch! This indoor electronic game encourages physical head-to-head football action. Physical game controls, a footpad and joystick, mean that kids need to bust a move in order to play this game! Suggested retail: $199.99.

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