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7 Questions With Blake Turner

The Robert E . Lee football team will not be the only Red Raiders in action over the weekend. So will the varsity boys basketball team.
Lee is one of the participants in the Burger King Classic. For 7 Questions, Maya Golden caught up with a veteran of the classic, guard Blake Turner.

Favorite food at Thanksgiving?
Blake: Dressing. Got to be dressing. I could eat a whole plate of dressing and not be full.

Sing your favorite commercial jingle?
Blake: I think it goes "one, two buckle my shoe." I like that commercial. I sing it all the time in the locker room.

Texas A&M versus Texas, who wins Friday?
Blake: If Texas A&M can stop Kevin Durant, I think they've got a chance at winning.

Favorite memory with the team so far?
Blake: It was when we beat John Tyler last year. It was good feeling because we hadn't beaten them in like 12 or 13 years (at home) so it felt good to beat them.

Best impersonation of Coach Johnston?
Blake: He's like,  "Turner, you've got to box out, you've got to box out" and "I'm like yes sir." It's funny but I like Coach Johnston, he's a good coach.

Practicing the day before Thanksgiving: Good or Bad?
Blake: The bad part is because we had to wake up before nine and be here at nine. But I love working out because it's my last year I'm a senior so I'm trying to do the best that I can.

Describe the Burger King Classic?
Blake: The Burger King Classic is fun, we get to play against a lot of competitive teams. We really get to see where we stand at as a team.
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